Averett eSports gains HyperX sponsorship

Pinja Weppling, Staff Writer

This fall Averett University’s eSports team has gained a new sponsorship with HyperX Gaming.

HyperX is a gaming gear brand based in California. They are known throughout the world for quality, performance, and innovation.

Students are excited about the new sponsorship.

“It is cool to be sponsored by a company that provides top of the line equipment,” Theo Dickinson, captain of the Rainbow 6 Siege team, said. “The partnership with a company that provides good gaming equipment, allows our players to have the best edge and experience possible.”

Besides the equipment investments the partnership brings, there is also an opportunity for more social side coverage.

“I believe there will be an increase with HyperX having access to 110k+ followers on their social media,” Todd Blanton, coach of the eSports team, said. “Getting our name put alongside HyperX only adds legitimacy to our program and people are more likely to stop by our streams and socials to check us out.”

Besides the current team being excited about the partnership and the title of being a HyperX sponsored player, the attention the program might get through the partnership should aid recruitment and earn more recognition for the team.

“I also welcome a large audience as that because I believe we have a good product that we put out,” Blanton said. “Without lineup of matches happening all the time, dynamic casters, and the competition isn’t bad in the leagues we play in.”

Most of the Averett eSports games are being cast and streamed live in the program’s Twitch channel and the recordings are available to watch afterward.