What’s Happening Over Winter Break?


Jahna Waters, Editor

As the semester is winding down, Averett students are eager for winter break with a variety of exciting activities planned.

Some students are excited to be home to spend time with their family during the Christmas season, as they are not able to during the school year.

“I love spending time with my family,” Ethan Stephens, a sophomore, said. “When we’re all together, we play card games and board games, but I am most excited to continue our tradition of going to IHop, as we do every Christmas.”

Some students are going home to work over break to earn some extra cash.

“I’m excited to go home and continue working at my old job at Vans,” Kris Richmond, a senior, said. “I have always enjoyed working at Van’s, so I am ready to go back over break.”

On the contrary, some students have traveling plans that take up a lot of time during winter break.

“I am going on a road trip with my family,” Jenny Montes, a senior, said. “I am taking a road trip up north to West Virginia, then going to Ohio, then Indiana, until we reach our destination in Chicago.”

Along with exciting Christmas festivities, students are also excited about bringing in the new year with big plans.

“I am going to be doing the typical Christmas activities with my family, but I am most excited to learn to snowboard and go to the beach for New Year’s; it’s a much needed break after this semester,” Alyssa McDaniel, a sophomore, said.

With traveling plans, time with family and friends, and job opportunities, Averett students have exciting plans for their winter break before finishing the school year. No matter the plans, students are preparing for a break after a busy semester on campus.