What To Do In Danville, VA


Shelby-Rae Brooks, Staff Writer

Students often want to explore the city they are living in for college to find out where the best places to hang out at, get lunch or dinner, or even go shopping. Danville is full of attractive places to visit but not many students know of them.

Danville’s Riverwalk Trail, with one of its entrances located at 111 Main Street, is approximately nine miles long. The paved trail provides walking and biking amenities and it is alongside the Dan River. The trail takes you through the parks, historic sites, and even businesses. The trail has amenities for bike races, trail runs, charity walks, and even canine events. If you enjoy the outdoors and love to hike or walk, this is for you.

For entertainment, Danville Stadium Cinema showcases movies for you and your friends to watch together. It is located at, 3601 Riverside Dr. Watch the movie you have been wanting to see while enjoying your favorite sweet or popcorn and soft drink.

For authentic-tasting Italian food for your cravings, try out Joe & Mimma’s Italian Restaurant. It is located at 3336 Riverside Dr. and is open from 11 am-9 pm on weekdays and 11 am-9:30 pm on the weekends. They serve a variety of different appetizers, meals, and even desserts.

El Vallarta Mexican Restaurant is a favorite for many people in Danville.. They are located at 418 Westover Dr. They offer a large selection of Mexican dishes and endless cheese dip and salsa for your cravings.

For your favorite American dishes, Santana’s Restaurant & Grill has it all. Located at, 102 Tower Dr. they are open from 11 am-10pm on the weekdays and 11 am-11 pm on the weekends. They offer steaks, mashed potatoes, chicken, and more!

A piece of history remains, at Main Street and Union Street, The historical “HOME” sign stands for the “Home of Dan River Fabrics,” which dates back to 1947. Many People go to this location for interesting photo opportunities and historical information.

Danville is filled with hidden gems and attractions as well as restaurants. If you are wanting to try something new, something you’re used to, or just want to look around, there are many options to try.