Students Scare up a Haunted Hall-O-Ween


Residence Life Staff

Sarah Shropshire, Student Writer

For Halloween this year, the Housing and Residence Life Office hosted the first Haunted Hall-O-Ween.

This event took place on Thursday, October 28th, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. on the currently vacant Davenport Hall, fourth floor. The admission price was one non-perishable food item that would be donated to God’s Storehouse or one pet food item donated to the Danville Humane Society.

Resident Assistants are required to generate programs for students to get them involved on campus. Junior Resident Assistant, Tori Glenn, wanted to bring her visions of a haunted hall to life.

“I used to work at a haunted house when I was about 12-13 and I absolutely loved it! It was just a thought one day to being something scary but exciting to campus for people to attend,” Glenn said.

 Resident Assistants were utilized to participate in this program. They all dressed up, were guides, or helped with the preparation and planning.

Resident Assistants dressed up.


Part of decorated hall way.


More Resident Assistants in costume.


There were warnings and rules put in place for the students, as well as a waiver they had to sign.

The goal of the event was to have at least 60 students attend. The total number of participants ended up being 113 people.

“I think it went great for the first year! It honestly went better than I expected due to some technical mishaps but we were able to make it work,” Glenn said.

The Resident Assistants had a great time participating in the event as well.

Brock Lucas, Morgann Dills, and Timothy Davis in costume.

“It was great to give back and give the students something fun to do, and we had a blast while doing it,” senior, Timothy Davis said.

With the Haunted Hall-O-Ween’s success, it is now going to become an annual tradition.

Glenn said her favorite part of the event “was actually taking the time to see the haunted hall in action. Watching people get scared and watching the actors scare.

“I am excited to see how we can grow this event in the coming years,” Glenn said.