What Is New This Year At Jut’s Cafe?


Shelby-Rae Brooks, Staff Writer

Jut’s is the on-campus coffee shop and convenience store for all your quick and easy needs (laundry detergent, quick snack or drink, or a Starbucks coffee for a boost during your day). Jut’s is located on the first floor of the student center. 

 Jut’s is named after an alumnus Garland Wyatt, Class of 42’. Wyatt was unable to pronounce “joi” in an Averett French class, Wyatt was jokingly given the nickname “Jut” by his French teacher. Students and faculty then began to call him “Jut.” Garland Wyatt and his wife, Harriet Bertine Wyatt gave their generous support to creating the cafe for students

Jut’s was targeted to open for students and staff at the beginning of the academic year but fell short with employee shortages.  Which caused it to be closed for the first month of the academic year, with its opening at the end of September. Jut’s is now open with limited hours until employees are trained. 

Micheal Moroni, general manager of Bon Appetit (The cafe) and Jut’s, explains what to know about Jut’s, new hours and what is  new this year.

“Right now Jut’s is operating from 7:30 am-7:30 pm Monday through Friday as we complete hiring to fill the roster and train the new employees,”  Moroni said. “Jut’s will be returning to normal operating hours which are 7:30 am-10:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am through 12:00 am Friday and 7:30 am-12:00 am Saturday and Sunday.”

Many students tend to have a favorite Starbucks drink they get at Jut’s or they have a most convenient time they frequently stop into Jut’s.

“Our busiest service hours seem to fall between class changes in the morning and afternoon,” Moroni said. 

Jut’s is offering new things and opportunities for students.

“Jut’s has a new entire team of employees from years past who are learning in their new positions,” Moroni said. “Additionally we expanded the Starbucks refresher line of drinks to include the Mango Dragon Fruit refresher and the Kiwi Star fruit refresher. Coke has also released some new flavors across various brands and we are trying to bring those in as soon as they become available.”

In addition to enjoying the various drink options, students also enjoy socializing in Jut’s.

Reaching for a student’s perspective, Sophomore Mamon Haley explains and shares her opinion on Jut’s as a student.

“I enjoy that we can come and sit and do homework or intermingle with friends,” Mamon Haley, sophomore, said. “Jut’s is very convenient for if you need a quick snack, or a drink before your next class or practice or if you have run out of laundry powder you don’t have to worry because jut’s has it!”

Many students are unaware of some of the extras offered at Jut’s. When you purchase a meal plan (all of the meal plans) offer “Jut’s Bucks,” which can be redeemed at Jut’s. You can access these Jut’s Bucks off your student ID card and use it at Jut’s as a form of payment. One option is you can use a meal swipe at Jut’s!

To have another dining option, you can use a meal swipe at Jut’s and it includes any GO program (grab and go) sandwich or salad, and a piece of handheld fruit. Also includes one bag of Lay’s brand chips, one granola bar, a minute maid drink, 20oz Coke, or Dasani Water. 

Whether you need a convenience item or a refreshing drink or snack, stop into Jut’s for all your easy quick needs between classes or practice or just to mingle with friends!