Mid-season sports updates


Pinja Weppling, Staff Writer

We are halfway through the semester, which means we are halfway through fall sports season. Here we have a summary of how our teams have been doing and some thoughts about the season so far heard from players.

Averett’s cross-country team has competed in four tournaments so far this season. For the season finale, they still have regionals and conference championships left. This season Averett and the runners have been setting multiple personal records.

In the eSports team, Averett has seasons going on in Rainbow 6 Siege, Fifa, Valorant, and Rocket League. Especially Rainbow 6 Siege and Valorant have been practicing hard and doing well in tournaments and games.

According to Rainbow 6 Siege teams captain Theo Dickinson, sophomore, their season has been great.

“Went 2-2 in the collegiate league. We are 2-1 in ECAC and one of the top teams overall,” Dickinson said.

The team also has big plans on dominating in the upcoming matches.


Our football team has so far played seven games this semester with 4 wins and 3 losses. Yet we still have 3 more games with one more home game to look forward to.

Averett’s winning games have been impressive while the losses have been often a very close call.

Our golf team has been busy with tournaments. They have played in four tournaments with two more to go. So far the best scoring has been in “Oglethorpe University Royal Lakes Fall Invitational” were the men’s golf team finished sixth.

According to Caleb Kimbrough, “The season so far is going well in my eyes. We are a young team, so we are working out kinks, but it’s building to have a strong spring season.”

For the upcoming tournaments, he thinks the team has to stay strong mentally and fight through the round. “It’s easy to give up when things are going bad, but fighting and staying in it for the team is super important,” Kimbrough said.

The men’s soccer team is 8-6-2 overall and 4-2-1 in conference play. They will play in the first round of the tournament on Oct. 30.

According to Aidan Barber, sophomore, “I think that we should’ve won a few games that we lost but other than that we’re pushing to win our conference and I’m confident we can do that.” He also thinks the team’s chemistry on and off-field is something to be admired.

For the upcoming matches, Barber says “We plan on winning every game we have left and look forward to an amazing playoff run!”

For the women’s soccer team they finished the season 5-7-2 overall and 3-5-1 in the conference . They are awaiting their tournament seating.

Maja Kindberg, a freshman from the soccer team thinks their team has made a lot of progress compared to last season.

“We are winning more games and our current goal is to make it to the conference tournament,” Kindberg said. “We are looking forward to the last few games and hopefully making it to keep playing in the tournament.”


After last season’s conference victory, the women’s volleyball team has had a great start. The team is currently 20-7 with a conference mark of 10-5.

Upcoming  matches will define the placement in the conference for the team and determine the possible final position.

Hopefully, we will be seeing Averett’s Volleyball team bringing conference tournament wins again this semester.