Transfer program with Pajulahti Sport Center Brings Finnish Students to Campus


Photo credit: Pajulahti Sports Institution

Pinja Weppling, Staff Writer

Back in 2011 Averett University made a co-operational agreement with Pajulahti Sport Institution in Nastola, Finland. This agreement gave the students the possibility to get an international bachelor’s degree and Averett the opportunity to educate future physical education teachers.

These students spend their first year in Pajulahti and can transfer through the program to Averett University. Students get to pick from six concentration areas to focus on in Averett what are:

  • Coaching
  • Health, Physical Education and Driver Education
  • Personal Training
  • Physical Education
  • Sport Management
  • Wellness/Sports Medicine

This program has allowed many students from Finland to travel and get their Bachelor’s Degree from Averett. This semester, there are five new students from Pajulahti Sport Institution.

Jesse Mustajoki, a sophomore majoring in sports management applied for this program “to get new experiences and work close to sport.”

Others are focused on the type of degree.

“I wanted to get an international degree and the Averett exchange program was a good option for me,” Lotta Tiittanen, a sophomore majoring in physical education and sports management, said.

In conclusion, this program opens up new paths for these students and work for the common good. This program also partially explains the number of Finnish students in Averett, who are the second-largest group of international students.