Beyond The Player


Aaron Haley, Staff Writer

Averett University athletes are much more than a number on a jersey. They are highly involved citizens of our community. Two students, Dkyieon Byres- Henderson and Zamyiah Mangum, are great examples of this kind of student. 

Dkyieon Byres-Henderson, also known as “DK,” has spent three years at the university and majors in physical education with a concentration in coaching. He plays football at Averett and has been playing football since the seventh grade.

Byres-Henderson is highly involved in our community as well as in his hometown, Gastonia, NC. On campus, he is a junior secretary as well as a connection leader. Outside of the University, he is also highly involved in church. He is a music director at Genesis Church where he leads a choir as well as playing a myriad of instruments (drums, bass, lead guitar, keyboard), and sings.  He even engages in evangelistic activities in his community.

Byres-Henderson believes that his community service, has taught him how to be a leader both on the field and off.

He urges underclassmen to stick with it and stay focused.

“Don’t get distracted by the ‘hype’ of college and stay focused on grades and on the right things,” Byres-Henderson said.

Zamyiah Mangum is a phenomenal athlete, student, and is highly engaged on campus. She is a senior majoring in biochemistry with minors in criminal justice and psychology. Magnum is an active athlete playing both volleyball and softball. She has an impressive list of campus involvement that includes being the president of SGA as well as SAAC. She is a member of BSU, a connection leader, member of Psi Chi, and a student ambassador.

Mangum said that being president of SGA and SAAC have had the biggest impact on her.

“It has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and become a better public speaker along with benefiting other skills like teamwork, communication, and accountability.”

Mangum has faced much adversity in sports being that she has been injured in some way each year that she has played for Averett. She says that her involvement on campus has helped her through these times of injury as she has many things to turn to. 

She advises her fellow students to make the most of their college years.

“Averett is what you make it,” she said. “The time here will fly by so always take advantage of being here and live in the moment.”