New School Year, Near COVID Sports Protocol

Shelby Brooks , Staff Writer

As the start of a new school year begins,  it can be both exciting and worrisome for students. COVID-19  played a significant role in how sports events were held for the previous school year 2020-2021. With restrictions lifting, many athletes from last year feel a shift in a new routine for their athletic season. 

Jenna Franklin, a Sophomore majoring in Sports Medicine explains how it has made an impact on the soccer season. “Last year our season was cut short due to COVID-19. This year we get to play more,”  Jenny Franklin, a sophomore on the women’s soccer team, said. “Since we are an outside sport we don’t have to wear our mask at practices, whereas last year we had to have our mask on us at practice.”

The easing of restrictions on sports and events has played a significant role in the overall season for many sports teams. Last year for many teams only two people were allowed to come and cheer them on in the stands.  This year Averett is allowing four tickets per player with extra tickets to have a minimal fee.

Members of the football team are also looking for increased normalcy on the practice field and on the season schedule.

With Football being one of the most contact sports, Sophomore Ady Berber explains how the average football practice and lifts evolved from his Freshman year to now his Sophomore year. “We, unfortunately, had to start off in small groups to keep social distancing last year,” Ady Berber, a sophomore on the football team, said. “We had four games last year and our season began in March of 2020. This year our season began in the fall and we are able to practice with the whole team and we have 10 games this fall which is very exciting. Due to COVID-19 and injuries, I have not played a game since 2019.  I am looking forward to this season with the ease in restrictions for us to play games and work with our team.”

Many fall sports teams are hopeful and excited for the upcoming season with the ease of restrictions, having the ability to have more guests at games, and more opportunities to enhance as a team.