Frustration Behind Student ID cards

Jake Braun, Staff Write

Lately some students have had a difficult time using their ID cards– from swiping in to study hall, to trying to eat at the cafe, and even getting into their dorm.

“Most problems are the keypads are unable to work because of the zero button,” Ty Bennett, head of security, said. “Our biggest problem is that the printer which makes the cards is down and we are waiting to get a new one.”

Even though some students cards may not be working and the printer being down, security can provide students with a temporary card until the printer comes back online.

“Temporary cards can be given to students, or they can use an old card until they can get it fixed,” Bennett said.

Students are also not coming to the security office to try and fix these problems. They often rely on a friend to let them in their dorm, or ask a coach to sign them in for study hall hours.

“When I first got here it was annoying having to write my name and my student ID number every time I went to the Cafe,”  Joey Allen, a freshman, said.

“I dislike having to text my coach when my card won’t swipe for my study hall hours,” he added.

For more information you can contact the security office at (434) 791-5888