Athletics Brings the Action to Fans with New Live Streaming Technology


New media equipment

Nakia-Lee Goodall, Editor

Averett University has been broadcasting athletic events for over a decade through the use of radio broadcasting. In recent years broadcasting has developed on Averett’s campuses through live streaming with the use of video.

New broadcasting camera

The goal of Averett athletics has been to replace, through time and research the older ways of broadcasting events. In the past years, Averett has really set the bar high with how they set up, display, and record their sporting events.


Drew Wilson, staff member since 2008

Drew Wilson, director of athletics communication, said, “members of the USA South Conference have been calling us to see what we do and how we use our equipment for events.”

Over the past year, everyone has experienced travel issues due to the pandemic. Family, friends, and Averett Athletic supporters have been unable to attend events in person. This is where Averett Athletics truly stood up and rose to the occasion, to put forth their knowledge and understanding of the technical equipment to make it possible for all Averett University fans to see each team compete in their seasons.

Bert Poole (far left), head coach of an international filled tennis team. These students’ families benefit from Averett’s streaming technology.

“All of our players are Internationals and not all of their parents are able to visit Averett during COVID. Being able to watch their sons or daughters compete on a live-stream broadcast is especially appreciated by these parents,” Bert Poole, men’s and women’s tennis head coach, said.

It’s the small things that make a huge difference to an athlete, parent, coach, and supporter experience.

“We do what is best for us and our international population as well as parents who don’t ever get to see their child play and it is a great opportunity for a family to watch if they are unable to make all of the games,” Wilson said, “I take to heart everything that is said in the evaluations at the end of each year. I want to be able to improve the student, student-athlete, and family experience.”

The experience, the excitement, the overall atmosphere grew positive in the time of need.

Inka Zeilstra, from The Netherlands dominating on the court

Inka Zeilstra, a senior women’s tennis player, from the Netherlands said, “my family has been able to come to watch one week in my first year which I really enjoyed. It’s nice to show what you work so hard for and how your life is here a long way from home. The live-streams are very different from seeing them in person, but knowing that they are still watching this way is great.”

It has been very beneficial for everyone involved with Averett and its athletics, with the opportunity for new live-streaming technology. Not only does it fulfill the parents’ and families’ opportunities to watch their student participate it also highlights Averett University Athletics and the outstanding performances of each team. 

“Live-streaming matches benefits not only our players and their parents, but it also benefits our tennis program in general. As our level of play on both teams continues to improve, I am able to schedule us against stronger competition. Live-streaming these events allow recruits to get a better idea of our level of play as well as the level of our competition,” Poole said.

From here on out, Averett Athletics sports broadcasting potential will continue to rise and improve to create a positive haven for Averett University and its athletics program.

“After talking with almost every team and mentioning the ability to continue live streaming, the looks in every student-athlete eyes lit up. We are excited to use our new equipment and to unveil it to the public,” Wilson said.

Stay tuned into Averett University and Averett Athletics to see how the new equipment improves the quality of live-streamed events.