eSports Heading in New Directions


Pinja Weppling, Staff Writer

This semester has started quietly for eSports but upcoming leagues have given the team new directions with new groups. For the last two semesters, all the leagues and matches have been played remotely and this will continue for this semester as well.

So far most of the matches have been streamed and are visible on Twitch. tv.

According to Averett’s eSports captain Chris Sabin, a junior majoring in computer information systems and computer science, the team is ready for the new season.

“For this semester we have gathered a new group for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with two recruits. We are happy to have a new Counter-Strike team since 2018. Our season is starting soon so we are preparing for the upcoming matches,” Sabin said.

Averett has invested in the new streaming room where all current and upcoming matches will be streamed for the audience to see.

“Streaming room is a much-needed addition to overall eSport room. Before our new streaming room, we streamed our games in the main lobby where there would be a lot of background noise and interference. Overall it will add to the quality of our games and viewerships of the future games,” Sabin said.

Our eSports team is also very ambitious about its goals for the upcoming season. New games, recruits, and new leagues have made the team set up new goals and set their vision to victory.

“Our goals are to always win every league and/or conference we are in,” Sabin said. “But with the influx of recruits, we are working on getting our fundamentals and acquire strong team synergy for the upcoming season.”