Averett Students Balance School and Work

Garrett Haskins, Staff Writer

Students who work during the school year have to manage a work-school balance for the duration of the semester. The end of the semester brings a different rush to those who work as well. They not only have to balance their time between schoolwork and their job, but they also have to find ways that they can fit in time to study for exams.

Several students here at Averett work part-time jobs during the school year. For the most part their employers are very understanding when it comes to their schoolwork needs. Some, however, have worked out their schedules to give them plenty of time to complete their schoolwork. Senior Ricardo Roman-Flores has used this to his favor in establishing his work-school balance.

“I still work anywhere from 24 to 30 hours a week, but I have it so where I only work Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays,” Roman-Flores said. “I work an eight hour shift Friday night, a 12 hour shift on Saturday, and another eight hour shift on Sunday. I sometimes work more if I have the time.”

Part of the challenge that Roman-Flores faces is that he lives in Danville but the security job that he works at is in Martinsville. He sees the lengthy drive as only a minor downside to working.

“I mean the drive isn’t the best, but I make do,” he said. “I worked security back home, so I already knew the job. It was a better choice than some of the security jobs in Danville that’s for sure.”

Other students have found ways to utilize their major in the jobs that they have taken. Senior Caleb Wyatt, who is majoring in aviation, works for the City of Danville at the Danville airport. He serves as a groundskeeper for the most part, but he also helps maintain the airport’s facilities and other equipment that the airport uses.

“It’s really cool that I’m majoring in aviation and I get to see the behind-the-scenes stuff,” Wyatt said. “Most students don’t know what all really goes on out here.”

Wyatt says that his manager is very understanding and works with him to plan out his work schedule and gives him opportunities to take time to do school assignments.

“With both school and work I have plenty of time to study for tests and that sort of stuff,” Wyatt said.