Students Reflect On a Year of Lessons from COVID


Jahna Waters, Student Writer

Over the past school year, Averett students had to experience school during Covid-19. Through the year, students have learned a lot about themselves and how to deal with adversity.

The freshman and senior points of view of their year during Covid are very different. The freshmen had to undergo the college adjustment, while seniors had to finish their time at Averett during the pandemic. Regardless of the differences, all students learned life skills that they will use in their future, whether at Averett or their field of work after graduating. 

“I learned how to deal with and accept what is unknown,” freshman Allison Setliff said. “How not to take advantage of things, like in-person class, not being able to go to sports events, or participating in clubs.”

Senior Tyler Goad said, “I believe that I have learned how to communicate electronically better. I’m used to seeing my professors and friends in class and on campus. I have had to manage to keep in contact by email more and learning how to manage my time better.”

Adjustments to the regular lifestyle on campus had to be made to adhere to the safety of the students. Students have deemed some of these changes as useful, and have said that they would like to keep the changes in place when the pandemic is over. 

Freshman Kinkade Huggins said, “I would keep the to-go boxes because it is so convenient to grab food and head out. Huggins also said, “I would like to keep the option of Zoom because there are days when I can’t make it to campus and still need to be there.”

Freshman Alyssa McDaniel said in agreement with Huggins, “I would like to keep the option of having class on Zoom because it enables students to learn the material from their own home if something comes up that would prohibit them from coming to campus. 

Goad said, “This past school year due to all of the new requirements and mandates Covid has installed in our community and on campus, I have learned how important staying active and communicating with others is. Online classes and fewer activities and things to do in person have limited the amount of interaction that college students normally would have. It’s taught me how important it is for me to get out and do things instead of just staying home on a computer screen. 

To summarize her final year at Averett during Covid-19, Goad said, “I have overall enjoyed my senior year. I wish I could have had the opportunity to participate in more things in person on campus. I also wish that the clubs and organizations I’m involved in could have done more things. I have truly enjoyed my senior year despite some of the adversities. I think Averett’s professors and the university as a whole have done a profound job at keeping in contact with students and trying to offer activities and things to do throughout the year.”

Covid-19 affected Averett students greatly during the past school year, but the students were able to confront the adversity and prevail to finish up the school year. Covid-19 caused a shift in the normal lives of students on campus, but together, students have adapted and found out what it means to be one team, one Averett.