New Chef In Town


Kelly King, Staff Writer

As the Bon Appetit cafeteria at Averett opened up for the 2021 Spring semester, a new member of the Averett community started introducing himself to the family. Julius Quimpo III was hired as executive chef and started to make a big impact almost immediately. 

Quimpo has worked as a chef for over 30 years before finding his new home here at Averett. He has worked in multiple different environments including hotels, restaurants, and other major food service contractors. Over the three decades of experience Quimpo has acquired, he has worked in these different settings in the United States along as internationally in the Philippines, England, Australia and Hong Kong. 

After his many years of experience and travel, Quimpo picked Averett primarily because he wanted to stay within the state of Virginia for family reasons. Another major deciding factor for Quimpo, was that he wanted to belong to an educational community with high moral values, and lastly to be a part of Bon Appetit, a company that is highly respected in the food service arena in the whole country.

“The students for one are so engaging, I particularly enjoy times when I would randomly select a table to do a survey and students aren’t even shy or hesitant to speak their mind. To me that is priceless,” Quimpo said. “That is valuable information I could use to develop my menus. I am still continuing my nightly random surveys and the question I ask most often is, what dishes do you miss from home? This is very valuable information I could use to develop the menu come Fall semester.”

Keep an eye out for Quimpo or Julius, as he likes to be called, in the cafeteria during the lunch and dinner services. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns email Julius at [email protected]