Humphries is Off to Indy

Montre Cash, Staff Writer

“Hard-working, gifted, compassionate, and a leader.” These are just a few of the characteristics traits senior Isaiah Jones mentions when talking about Assistant Professor of Communication Zach Humphries.

Since Humphries came to Averett in 2019, he has made a change to the communication department, that will last longer than his time here. In the fall of next school year Humphries will be packing up his belongings and traveling to Indianapolis Indiana, to take on his newest step and becoming a professor  at the University of Indianapolis. 

“I’ve enjoyed my career here at Averett, but I have never been complacent,” Humphries said. “I always aspire to grow and this was an opportunity that I saw to grow.”

Growing is nothing short of what Humphries did at Averett as he took on his first full-time teaching job.

“He’s helped people like me and others get more comfortable behind a microphone,”  junior Kris Richmond said.

“As I like self growth; one of my main goals as a teacher is for you to grow too,” Humpries added. 

Going to a bigger school has its perks and one of those perks are the resources the school brings. Humphries mentioned that the school had close to six podcast studios.

Humphries’ time was short here at Averett but nothing short of impactful. Everyone at Averett wishes Zach the best of luck in his next journey and is thankful for impact here at school.