Staying Motivated in the Home Stretch!


Jahna Waters, Staff Writer

For most students, motivation is hard to come by towards the end of the semester, especially for the seniors.

Popular motivational techniques are to use a planner, set goals, prioritize time, and identify rewards. It is also important to recognize burnout and be flexible with school and personal time. Motivation is different for everyone – there is no right or wrong technique.

Averett students have their own advice and techniques for staying motivated at the end of the semester. 


“My method for staying motivated is to focus on the end result rather than the task at hand,” Zoe Winnes, a freshman, said. She believes that setting high expectations for herself causes her to be more motivated. “Being on the Dean’s list has really kept me motivated too so I can be on it for the entirety of my freshman year.”

Freshman student-athlete Daizuané Giggetts is motivated by her dreams and aspirations.

“I motivate myself by setting out my goals and going for it. My dreams push me because I know I want to accomplish them and be successful in order to get where I want to be in my future.”

“For me, ‘senioritis’ hit hard when we moved online last March,” Bailey Hoffman said. “To push myself through I’ve had to see each assignment as a step closer to graduation, therefore a step towards my next chapter. Viewing each task I’ve been presented as a stepping stone has helped me stay motivated.”

The Student Success Center is always open for students who need a quiet place to study and do homework or utilize tutoring facilities. Contact any SSC staff member for more information on self-motivation and keep up the hard work.