Time for Returning Housing Selection!

Sarah Shropshire, Staff Writer

Averett Cougars, it is time for Returning Housing Selection!

Returning Student Housing

Fall 2021 – Spring 2022

Although housing selection has already started, there’s still time to properly select housing.

Residency Requirement

Averett University has a three-year residency requirement.  All first, second and third year students are required to live on campus except those who have been exempted by the Office of Housing and Residence Life. All housing waiver requests must be completed and thoroughly approved by Housing and Residence Life. Students wanting to live off campus must fill out the Off Campus Housing Waiver Form.

Deadlines to submit the Off-Campus Housing Waiver Form:

·        July 1st for Fall Semester

·        December 1st for Spring Semester

The Selection Process

It is mandatory that all students who are current residents complete one of two forms regardless of expectations for next year, which may include but are not limited to Graduation, Transferring/Withdrawing, and/or Moving off campus. Failing to follow the below steps can result in fines/housing fees. 

Roommate requests are honored when the space is available and if requests are mutual. Any student that hasn’t selected their housing by August 1st may be auto-assigned and billed for housing starting August 1st.

Housing Selection Steps

·        Check Student Account

o   Check your student account to ensure that it is in good standing. Registration, dean of students or business holds can stall your housing assignment. Student individual assignments can be canceled if you have any outstanding holds on your accounts.

·        Register for Classes

o   You must register for classes to be eligible to maintain your room assignment.

Student’s individual assignments will be canceled if you are not registered for classes by check-in day for the academic year. 

·        Complete your FAFSA

o   The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 2020-2021 ensures that you can benefit from federally funded financial assistance for education beyond high school if you meet eligibility requirements.

o   Get help with your FAFSA at https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa/filling-out. For questions, contact Student Accounts and Financial Aid. 

·        Login to your Housing Portal: Portal quick access

o   We have created a series of videos to help students navigate the website. Login using your Averett email username (without the @aumail.averett.edu) and password. If you do not remember your Averett email username or passwords, call the IT Helpdesk Monday through Friday 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM at 434-791-5720.

·        Complete the Returning Student Housing Application

o   Fill out the Returning Student Housing Application and select your meal plan when prompted to.

·        Selecting desired roommates.

o   In order to search for roommates, you may leave the search field’s blank or input one item. Simply just click begin search. 

o   Once requested, the pairing is not completed till all parties accept the roommate requests.

o   All pairings must be mutual. It is the student’s responsibility to find and select their roommates prior to entering room selection. All pairings must resolve any conflict prior to the room selection date or the group may not be eligible to participate in room selection.

o   Group leaders: Selected by groups to represent them during the room selection process. Leaders will be responsible for selecting the requested apartment/room for all mutual roommates.

o   Groups will consist of no more than 2 people. Each group leader will be responsible for picking the desired hall and room during the room selection date and time. Students wishing to get into the commons apartments will need to ensure that both groups of 2 people wanting to get into a certain apartment agree upon the space before the 2 group leaders select different spaces.

Credit Hours (Excluding Spring Semester)

90+ Credit Hours    

89-60 Credit Hours 

59-30 Credit Hours 

29-0 Credit Hours 

April 13th  

April 14th  

April 15th

April 16th



1.    Group A consists of two seniors (92 credits + 96 credits / 2 = 94 credits) who all have submitted their applications.

2.    Group B consists of one senior and one sophomore (96 credits + 56 credits / 2 = 76 credits) who all have submitted their applications.

3.    Group A will be placed into the Senior Housing Selection date

4.    Group B will be placed into the Junior Housing Selection Date


·        Login during your individual/group date to complete the room selection.

o   Appointment dates will be designated based on the average cumulative credit hours between the individuals/group submissions. Each student will be weighed within the average cumulative credit hours system. 

o   For all groups, selection dates and times will be available through the Housing Portal.

o   One person of the roommate group will go in and select the desired room for both parties. Students will need to decide what hall and room they want prior to selecting the room to ensure both roommates are happy with the placement.

·        Important Notes

o   If you didn’t get into your first preference, then you are able to sign up on the waitlist for your preferred space. Available spaces may change over time. 

o   Prior to check-in, Housing and Residence Life will open up a room change process to allow for students to explore other open spaces on campus before moving in. There will also be a room change week before the last day to add/drop classes (dates can be found in the academic calendar) to allow students to explore other options with staff.

o   Please note that all assignments made in the portal during housing selection are subject to change due to the needs of the campus and shifting occupancy needs.

o   Housing and Residence Life will continue to consolidate housing spaces, meaning Housing and Residence Life may move students or assign new roommates to best utilize housing spaces (applies to apartments too).

o   A cancellation would mean that a student would need to repeat the housing selection process with no guarantee of being assigned the same room. This is to give each and every student the same opportunity to apply & select housing for the next academic year.

Once you sign a Housing and Meal Plan Contract and select a space, you are committed to the space and meal plan you chose for the fall and spring academic terms.

Students who fail to enroll in fall courses or pay any outstanding balance by check-in day are subject to suspension/cancellation of assignment.


Housing Selection Dates 


Returning Students Housing Selection

Returner Housing Applications Opened: March 8th 6:00 AM

Returner Housing Applications Closed: March 29th 11:59pm


Returning Students Housing Selection

Appointment times posted: April 1st

90+ Credit Room Selection: April 5th 6:00 AM

60-89 Credit Room Selection: April 6th 6:00 AM

30-59 Credit Room Selection: April 7th 6:00 AM

0-29 Credit Room Selection: April 8th 6:00 AM

Returner Housing Application re-open: 9th 12:00 AM

Returner Housing Selection Close: April 12th 11:59 PM


Returning Students Housing Selection

Returner Housing Selection Re-Open: May 24th 6:00 AM


Incoming Student Housing Selection

Digital Room Change Week: July 26th 6:00 AM –August 1st 11:59 PM

Housing Selection Close: August 1st 11:59 PM

Selection has already started but If you have any questions reach out to your RA or Hall Director!