Averett Soccer Kicks it into High Gear

Tholoi Selli, Staff Writer

In a season where sports have taken a backseat due to the implications of the Covid-19 virus, athletes have had to go the extra mile to compete for the sports that they love. With the shortened seasons this spring, student athletes understand that every game is important towards reaching their goal and making it into the postseason. This spring every game is crucial and one slip up can be detrimental to these teams’ seasons.

Averett Men’s Soccer: The men’s soccer teams record currently stands at 4-2 overall and 3-2 in conference play. The team has a winning record this season and has placed a spot in the postseason as they will further their journey of winning a conference championship. “

I think the team understood that with everything going on, you really never know when your last game could be, so we knew we had to stick together and push through any obstacle that came our way,” said junior Bradley Bizzell. The team is looking forward to playing again as the regular season dwindles down.

Averett Women’s Soccer: The women’s soccer teams record currently stands at 1-6 and unfortunately there will not be a postseason for them.

“It was different because we had less games, we didn’t travel as much as previous years,” junior Josefine Sundbom said.

Students athletes this semester had to adjust to the uncertainty of certain games and even who was playing that particular week.

“What really pushed our team was honestly the unknown. We are a pretty young team with a new head coach so we just pushed and fought through adversity and still are today. We stay disciplined and don’t let little things distract us. We set out minor goals to reach our major goal,” sophomore Sabrena Baig said.

These teams took on the challenge to exceed during this trying time and have excelled, now all that is left is to sit back and watch what they do.