How Can Handshake Help You?

How Can Handshake Help You?

Kelly King, Staff Writer

At some point in every college student’s journey the focus turns to finding a job or internship.Averett provides an online program and app called Handshake to help students meet their employment and internship goals.

In IDS 101 every student is required to create a Handshake profile and fill out their major information. This app is specifically targeted for college students so they can view companies hiring part-time, full-time, or internships jobs. All you have to do to gain access is signup with your email address.

Handshake also gives students opportunities to view all different kinds of career services. Once you sign in to your account, students can choose between discovering jobs, employers, connecting with their community, viewing different career paths, registering for events, and even connecting with the staff at the CCECC. 

The CCECC now uses Handshake to conduct all of their career fairs and virtual conference series. Some of these include the Bank of America Career series, Averett University’s School of Nursing Career Fair, and the Experience Leadership Conference. Students who are thinking about taking the GRE, PRAXIS, LSAT, NCLEX tests, or any others, to further their education, can apply through Handshake for those as well. 

“It’s really unique, instead of fortune 500 coming to Averett, you have the chance to talk directly to these companies” Ryan Taube, coordinator of career competitiveness, said.  

Averett University has also started using Handshake to help students apply to all work study jobs, here on campus.

Students who need assistance with Handshake or who just need more information can contact Taube at [email protected].