Averett Singers Adapt to COVID, Looking for New Talent

Noah Williams, Staff Writer

Averett Singers is comprised of Averett students who enjoy singing and often represent the university in concerts and official events. Averett Singers is offered as a class and is open to both music majors and non-majors. The group has, of course, had to adapt to COVID.

“When we transitioned to all-online last spring, I realized very quickly that ensemble singing is not possible in a virtual environment.” Dr. Anne Lewis, professor of music and director of the Averett Singers, said. 

Lewis believes that this caused the Averett Singers to get so much closer to one another to stay engaged and have reasons to increase their team work together and stay supportive of one another. It is very true this pandemic might have caused huge hardship for most but it has also created some positive effects.

Lewis spent a great deal of time learning how to conduct and promote safe practicing and performing. Lewis and her students have worked hard to fight the learning curve created by the pandemic.

“This semester we’re improving on those lessons with distanced rehearsals in Pritchett Auditorium and singing with multi-layered masks.  We’ll continue to create pre-recorded virtual performances for Founder’s Day and, hopefully, we’ll be able to livestream our spring concert in April, with or without an audience,” Lewis said.

Lewis said they are always interesting in welcoming new students to Averett Singers.

“We have 18 singers this semester, including two students who join us virtually from Ghana.  As for increasing the Singers’ family, we have been blessed the past two years with a large group of tenors and basses that have doubled the number of sopranos and altos this semester.  I would love to have those parts balanced a bit more,” she said.

Students who are interested in adding Averett Singers to their fall schedule, should contact Lewis.

“If any student loves to sing a variety of choral musical styles, wants to improve performance skills through rehearsals and concerts, and needs to find a caring, supportive group of peers, please contact me before fall pre-registration at [email protected],” Lewis said.