Winter Break Vandalism

Margaret Gregory, Staff Writer

Campus Security Footage two unknown individuals suspected of vandalism.

While many Averett students were at home enjoying a cozy Winter break with their families, a few criminal activities occurred on the West Main Campus.

On Saturday Dec. 26 of 2020, Graffiti was found on various buildings and vehicles belonging to Averett University. Spray paint was also found on one vehicle belonging to a neighbor on Woodland Drive.

Campus surveillance footage had captured two unknown figures at 1 am that morning on the West Main campus.  Both suspects caught on camera seem to be male, Caucasian and dressed in dark coats.

The graffiti itself has been cleaned up. However, Jamie Walker, the head of Averett security, along with the Danville Police Department are still working on the case.

“I encourage anyone that has any information to please contact Security,” Walker said. “Or if you wish to remain anonymous, you can submit a tip through the LiveSafe app.”

Outside view of the front of The Facilities Management Building after the fire was put out by Danville’s Fire Department on Dec 29th, 2020.


Outside view of the building after most of the repairs had been made.

Additionally, On Dec 29th, 2020, a small fire mysteriously started at around 3 am outside of the Facilities Management Building on 119 Robertson Ave. Luckily, damage was minimal and no one was harmed. Repair work for the Facilities House is in progress. The individual allegedly responsible has been arrested and charged with arson. It is unknown if the individual has any connection to the university.

Inside view of The Facilities Management Building on 119 Robertson Avenue.
Close up view of the front door of the building after most of the repairs had been made.

Although it is concerning to hear of these events, Averett Security has plans to prevent these types of incidents from happening in the future.

“Averett Security works in conjunction with other departments such as Facilities and Student/Res-Life Department. We also have cultivated a good relationship with Danville Police Department.,” Walker explained. “In addition, we are looking into hiring additional staff.”

“Security is here 24/7,” Walker said. “We encourage students to report anything that is suspicious (persons, items, etc.).  Students can contact the Security Officer on duty at (434)-791-5888.  We also encourage students to sign up for LiveSafe app on their phones. Students can contact Security and submit a tip,”

Walker also suggests programing this number into your cell phone.

“Remember, if you see something, say something.”