Averett Study Abroad Takes on France and You Can Too

Kelly King, Staff Writer

Despite COVID-19 and all of the negative implications it has caused regarding travel in the last year, the study abroad program here at Averett is getting ready to head off to France. Dr. Catherine Clark, director of study abroad, is leading this trip to Aix-en-Provence, France from May 10th to the 27th at the end of the 2021 spring semester. 

The main goal of this trip is to explore the new cultures, history, and language. Students will be living in the Aix-en-Provence with all amenities provided except certain meals. Students are urged to go into the surrounding community to shop for grocery from the fresh produce markets in town to cook in their rooms. From these learning experiences, students will craft a project based on their particular interests to tie into their majors.

 I plan to focus my studies on French business,” Carlitta Britten, a graduate student studying business administration and human services said, “I want to know how they conduct their operations differently from American businesses.” 

On the trip you would tour Cezanne’s studio, an art museum, participate in walking tours around the town of Aix-en-Provence, attend multiple different excursions like cooking classes, wine tasting, and art lessons. After all of that you would spend a total of three days in Paris. 

“I am most excited about the visit to Paris to view the scenery and attend some cooking classes to learn new things I can show to my daughters,” Britten said. 

If you are interested in broadening your academic horizons through study abroad, email Dr. Clark at [email protected]