Kevin Hart’s: “No F**ks Given”

Isaiah Grice, Staff Writer

Kevin Hart’s: No F**ks Given

On November 17th, Netflix announced that they will be releasing a new stand up special from the superstar comedian, Kevin Hart. This is Hart’s sixth performance that will be shown and was actually filmed in his home in Los Angeles.

Hart had been getting a lot of backlash from the media for things in his personal life. So in this standup he is getting back to being himself and saying exactly what he feels. 

This was a very engaging and hilarious film and had a different element than any of his other past films. You can see by being in his home Hart feels more comfortable and connected to the audience. 

In this film, he talks about his wife and children, the media, COVID, and his everyday life. It is a very well put together film as it is in Netflix’s top 10 most watched right now.