We Matter Walk In Danville


Isaiah Grice, Staff Writer

On Sunday November 15th, students from Averett held a walking protest. The walk started at Averett University to downtown and back. The clubs that were present were Brother 4 Brother, Sister 4 Sister and Black Student Union. City Council Member Bryant Hood, came to share a few words before students began the walk.

“If you name five words that describe unity and you put a finger down on each word, you are left with a fist. This is the most powerful blow against racism,” added Hood. 

Hood was newly elected at the beginning of this month and is ready to give back to the community.

Students were also escorted by Danville police to help them cross streets and maintain peace. 

Brother 4 Brother president Xavier Aguilar, led the charge with his megaphone.

“This was to bring awareness to the Danville community. We live in the last capital of the confederacy, if we can have unity here, we can have unity everywhere,” added Aguilar. 

This peaceful protest brought many viewers to the streets and members of the community out and about to watch as the students and faculty used their freedom of speech to stand up for what they believed in. Students from the university were pleased with this event and will be looking to pursue more events like this in the future.