John Vigouroux Returns to Averett as the New Chief Entrepreneurship and Innovation Officer

John Vigouroux Returns to Averett as the New Chief Entrepreneurship and Innovation Officer

Sarah Shropshire, Staff Writer

Averett graduate John Vigouroux has returned to his alma mater to fill a newly-created role, Chief Entrepreneurship and Innovation Officer.

Vigouroux graduated from Averett in 1982 and obtained a specialized degree in organizational development while minoring in French and Spanish. While attending Averett, Vigouroux was a member of the men’s soccer team and served as class president his Freshman, Junior, and Senior year.

Vigouroux was a significant contributor to the men’s soccer team from 1979-81 where he helped lead the team to their first conference titles in 1979 and 1980. He was inducted into the Averett University Cougar Club Hall of Fame on October 26th, 2002.

Growing up, Vigouroux’s parents were divorced so this led him to live between the U.S., France, and Europe. “This helped me become bilingual and I developed the nickname in college ‘Frenchy’ which ended up sticking,” Vigouroux, said.

“After my time at Averett, I got my MBA and then I got into tech.” Vigouroux, said. Following his first job, he began to run several public and private companies.

In his new position, Vigouroux is “going to help bring entrepreneurship to not only Averett but hopefully accelerate entrepreneurship within the region.”

Vigouroux has already begun getting students involved with entrepreneurship by starting a club.

“I returned to Averett because I wanted to give back to this University and the community for all they did for me during my time here,” Vigouroux, said. “The best way for me to help is with entrepreneurship and innovation and I believe it is a different perspective for the school that will be successful.”

One of his twin daughters also is a freshman this year at Averett and is following in his footsteps by playing women’s soccer.

The fundamentals of entrepreneurship are important because “this generation is the greatest of entrepreneurs ever due to the number of opportunities to start something because of the internet and social media.”

Vigouroux advises students “If you say you are going to do something, do it and do it on time. Always put in preparation in work because that easily will help you get ahead of your competitors.”

“Learning even basic entrepreneurialism for students can hugely benefit when going into the marketplace,” Vigouroux, said.