North Campus Re-Named in Honor of Donor

Isaiah Grice, Staff Writer

On October 6th, 2020 Averett University renamed the North Campus to E. Stuart James Grant North Campus. This campus is used for Averett University’s athletics and sports management and physical education classes.

The name comes from the late E. Stuart James Grant, who passed in 1990. Her contributions, which started in 1992, have helped our campus evolve into what it is today. The contributions from her estate have combined for $18.5 million dollars over the past 27 years. Grant was a community leader and was the former owner and publisher for the Register & Bee, the daily newspaper.

The name change has been in the works for some time now, but the university was waiting for the construction to the entrance of the campus to be finished before unveiling the change.

Averett football player Xavier Aguilar  feels that Grant’s contribution should be known by the students and believes this name change will help with that.

“I think it’s great that we decided to honor someone who is actually giving back to this University. As a football player this directly has affected me personally and the lives of other student-athletes that have and are currently attending Averett.”

Averett University President Tiffany Franks praised Grant the day of the announcement.

“We are most grateful to this very generous and remarkable woman whose donations can be realized across Averett’s campuses, especially here on our North Campus,” Franks said.

With the official name change to the E. Stuart James Grant North Campus, Grant’s contributions will forever be remembered and her name will live on in Danville.