Graduate Assistants Adjusting and Flourishing in New Roles

Tholoi Selli, Staff Writer

Adjusting to school life as the “new kid” may seem a bit frustrating at times, but these former students who have returned to serve as graduate assistants have the experience and knowledge to get through it.

Football standout Kasiem Black had an opportunity to start his coaching career early and now a graduate assistant for Averett’s football team and seems to have much promise.

“Take advantage of opportunities early. You never know when things will present themselves in your life so work in preparation for those things,” Black said.

With the load of playing sports and focusing on studies at the same time, it is easy for a former players, like Black, to understand the trials that the players face.

The new Averett’s women’s volleyball graduate assistant this semester is Madison Dadez. With a sports management degree, Dadez plans on achieving an MBA with a concentration in leadership.

“I plan to just do my best in helping all student athletes develop not only on the court but also off the court. I want to use my personal experience from being a student at Averett to help other students adjust to the college life and pursue the opportunities that Averett offers them,” Dadez said.

Men’s baseball also has a new graduate assistant named Dom Lopez.

“I plan on making a difference by being the best assistant coach I can be,” Lopez said. “Head coaches are tasked to not only build a winning program, but to also ensure that their players are successful after their playing days. As an assistant coach I want to be able to help these kids not only become great players, but also great people.”

Here at Averett we all have one goal in mind and that is to win whether in competition or classes. These new graduate assistants will help us win the day.