How Averett Students Are Staying Connected With Friends And Family While On And Off Campus

Caitlin Towler, Staff Writer

With COVID protocols, students are more spaced out and isolated than ever before. Masks and distance between friends are undoubtedly having an effect on students’ social lives on and off campus. 

“COVID-19 has affected me differently because I am a commuter student and didn’t spend much time on canvas before the outbreak, but I only spend about three hours per week on campus now and don’t get to socialize very much at all,” Ryan Cole, a junior majoring in aviation, said. “I am still able to talk to my friends at Averett through social media, but I’m not able to socialize as much as I would like to in person.” 

Caleb Harmon, a senior majoring in criminal justice, has also noticed the impact of isolation.

“It seems that people just go to and from class for the most part, as opposed to how I used to see groups of people talking between classes, etc.” 

Students have been using social media and FaceTime regularly to keep in contact with friends and family. Zamyiah-Amil Mangum, a junior who is majoring in chemistry, utilizes both of these regularly while she lives on campus.  

Some of the ways I keep up with my friends or family during COVID is definitely social media and FaceTime. When I do want to see friends, I just automatically FaceTime them because it is somewhat similar to being in person. Especially when you have friends that are a couple hours away where on a normal basis you would go see them, but due to COVID it is safer to just stay at campus,” Mangum said. 

As fall approaches and the usually spirited holidays come closer, students are having a hard time getting excited for Halloween and it is taking its toll on the morale on campus. 

The classes have a better response and are easier to keep up with but the spirit and activities have taken a huge hit. Students aren’t as excited because most of the sports have been suspended and a lot of the activities have been canceled,” Cole said. 

Mangum suggested that Averett “…could do more of social media challenges to increase the school spirit on campus.”