New Tutoring Format Amidst Covid Restrictions


Evan Phillips, Staff Writer

Tutoring at Averett this semester will is working differently to accommodate for Covid-19 restrictions. In previous years, students could walk into the student center during tutoring hours and get some help, or they could schedule time with a tutor, but things are different this Fall semester. 

“Due to Covid restrictions, we have to limit the number of people in a physical space at any given time. As such, at the moment, we are not hosting group tutoring sessions in the physical space,” Holly Kilby, assistant director of academic support said. “Instead, students should schedule in advance via Acuity for a one-on-one appointment:( Tutoring is now offered either in person or via Zoom. For writing support, students can meet in person, meet via Zoom, or submit written work for feedback to [email protected].” 

Some meetings with tutors are done over Zoom, but some meetings can also be done in person at the Student Success Center. 

“Students should continue to wear their masks appropriately and to sanitize their hands frequently during in-person tutoring sessions,” Kilby said. “Tutors and tutees are remaining six feet apart, so sample problems should be worked on a whiteboard, written work would be shared via Google docs, and so forth — safety first!” 

Even though the process for meeting with a tutor is different this semester, the work done is still the same. 

“Students should come to every tutoring appointment with the same materials that they would bring to class. This includes the textbook, assignment instructions, notes, pens/pencils, and so forth,” Kilby said. “Students should come with a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn. Ideally, students should review  notes/materials beforehand to determine where challenges are.”

To schedule an appointment with a tutor, go to the main Averett website, click on the academics tab, and then click on “student success center.” A link can be found farther down that page that will allow students to schedule an appointment with a tutor. This link can also be copied and pasted: