NBA 2k20 Game Review


Isaiah Grice, Staff Writer

September 26, 2019 2k released their game paired with the NBA. A popular mode played by fans around the world is “MyCareer”. In this mode every year they make a storyline telling how the person’s character makes his way to the league. This year your player’s nickname is “Che”. He is a team player and sits out for his teammate who was stripped of his scholarship after he got hurt. Your player is completely customizable: position, height, weight, strengths/weaknesses, clothes, etc.

The game itself was very popular with the 2k community, selling over 8 million copies. Also, things like in app purchases, VC gift cards, and streaming help bring in more revenue. But, there has been some backlash about this game.

“The inconsistency with build types has to change”, added avid player Brent Hammer. “There’s defensive and inside scoring guys shooting better than people who are supposed to shoot three pointers.”

Some things that players are looking forward to in 2k21 are new locations. “The Playground” where 3v3 and 2v2 games are played against players around the world, was the same as last year’s. Consumers are expecting  a change in the next year.

“I am looking for a more balanced game,” said senior Cullen Moore. “The servers need to be fixed with the lagging and latency issues”.

This is a great game which gives players a look at an athlete’s life on and off the court. 2k makes great strides every year in the development of this game and there is more to be done that could make this game great.