Future Student Organized Events

Tholoi Selli, Staff Writer

The last thing that students remember from the 2020 spring semester was that it was cut short due to COVID-19 complications. Even though students are in the comfort of their homes, the need for a safer environment in schools is priority.

Because of the current social distancing, students will be eager to see what the fall of 2020 semester will look like. With all this anticipation for the upcoming academic year, SGA will surely have a couple of fresh new ideas in mind.

During the spring semester, SGA held an all campus worship program and partnered with Sister 4 Sister to hold a senior ted talk. These are two events that the student-run organizations enjoyed so expect to see them make a return for the fall semester.

The formal and laser tag events that were cancelled this semester will possibly move to Homecoming. There are also new events being planned.

“We were considering a women’s appreciation day to give ladies on campus something to brighten their day,” junior psychology and marketing major Aniyah Hubert said.

With the time before our return, events will have more time to be groomed and planned the way they want to be presented.

“The all campus worship brought together the three student governed religious organizations and the ted talks gave seniors a chance to talk about what they’ve learned from their four years at Averett,” Hubert said.

While SGA does this, the Nupes will be planning a few events of their own for the students to get involved with.

“This school year we will be doing a back to school drive with the Boys and Girls Club, a day to study with the nupes, a breast cancer awareness sale and tunk tournament before final exams,” said senior Devin Merritt who is pursuing a degree in business management with a minor in coaching and African American literature.

Hopefully, having events to look forward to will make the current situation less stressful.