Head Coach Alcorn Changing The Softball Culture


Welcome Coach Alcorn

Averett University’s new softball coach means business. Head Coach Steve Alcorn plans on changing the culture of softball at Averett. Alcorn is leading a team with two conference championships in the program and plans on winning a third.

“I plan on leading these girls to regionals and winning a conference championship. Some of these players have been there before. In my coaching style, I like to let the players have a say in what we do. It adds responsibilities and ownership for the team.”

Alcorn took over Averett’ s program after serving two seasons as an assistant coach at NAIA University of Mobile. He helped them win a conference title before winning the conference tournament and regional championship to qualify for the world series.

“We have the talent here to win a title and that’s why I am here,” Alcorn said.

That’s not the only thing that attracted him to Averett. There was more here for him than just a team.

“I applied here a couple years ago and didn’t get a sniff. I wanted to come here because I loved the area and it was just some where I could see my daughter living. I just loved how Averett is more than just a school with good sports programs, it’s a family here,” Alcorn said.

Softball players Avery Bumgarner and Malorie Griffiths really like the attitude Alcorn is bringing to the team.

“He is serious when he needs to be. It makes everyone respect him while he still has fun with us at the same time,” Bumgarner, a freshman infielder, said.

Griffiths agrees and has already seen changes in the program.

“He has changed the culture here. He is holding us accountable for our actions and constantly is pushing us to be the players he knows we can be,” Griffiths, a senior outfielder, said.

Off the field, Alcorn is an interesting guy. He likes to fish, hunt, and make sure his garden is taken care of.

“When I’m not at home recruiting, I like to plant and garden. Making sure my vegetables are growing is very important to me, I just love it”.

Alcorn’s main priority at home is recruiting. Recruiting is very important to him as head coach. Without recruiting he feels his team isn’t going to get better.

Alcorn talks the the players through a drill. He is already changing the culture of AU softball. 
Welcome Coach Alcorn