Dodge Ball Tournament a Success

Rafael Walker, Staff Writer

On February 16th Averett University had a competitive dodge ball tournament between six teams. Each team was stacked with agile players. It kept the games real close and very interesting. Out of the 12 games played 6 of them went to sudden death.

The sudden death rule is when the time ends and not all the players from each team are eliminated. They add an extra  five minutes and each team chooses one player to give it all on the line. It becomes a one on one situation. The first team to eliminate the other wins the match.

The soccer team at the end of the day came on top winning the prizes. Devin Merritt a senior at Averett University, ran this event. Merritt made sure there were snacks and water provided for the teams for in between games.

“Attendance wise it was successful. Execution, organization of the event, members of the club’s participation, planning and advising help lacked though,” Merritt said. He felt that this event was successful, but it could have been better. “I would plan better, assign tasks to my club better, and evaluate the event better to the team.”

“Not only was it fun, but it was an unforgettable experience,” student Wesley Turner said. “My favorite part was when I could look left and right and see the smiles on my friends faces knowing that they were having an amazing time. If there was another event like this there would be an even bigger turnout with people knowing how fun it was. If I were asked to partake in this event again, I would without a doubt.”

From a student’s perspective they had some different ideas they would bring to the table.

“I do believe the structure of the tournament could have been better. It was a lot of teams sitting out and not playing while others were having multiple games back to back. I would also change the overtime rule to where they just add five minutes to the game with the same people who were left in the game,” Romello Herbin, a senior, said. This event was overall successful for the students and teams are looking for a rematch.

The start of the dodgeball tournament