Job Searching Tips for Seniors

Garrett Haskins, Staff Writer

With the end of the semester around the corner, many seniors are starting to plan their lives past graduation. The job search process is always changing and many seniors might be confused on how to go about finding and getting the right job for them.

There are many ways to go about putting a foot in the door in the job market, and technology has played a major role in the way that prospective employees search for jobs. Sites like and ZipRecruiter are great for finding possible jobs, but they lack the networking that allows students to connect with potential employers.

LinkedIn is great for establishing connections with others in the professions that are in the same field as them. The Coordinator of Career Competitiveness at the CCECC Ryan Taube says LinkedIn is significant in the job search process.

“I think that LinkedIn is very important,” Taube said. “It’s really good to start building your network now as a college student. A lot of times when you are getting into jobs, it’s not necessarily what you know, but who you know.”

Another tool that students might not know about is Handshake. It is a service that helps to prepare students for employment and helps to build connections in the field that they want to pursue.

Handshake is similar to websites like, where students can view different job listings in their desired field. Taube said that Handshake is a helpful tool for students who are looking for career readiness.

“Handshake is a premier career platform just for students,” Taube said. “Students can search for jobs on Handshake based on location, based on their major and career that they want to enter.”

It also provides students with lessons and tips about college life and the job searching process. Handshake has partnered with Bank of America on a series of webinars about managing money while in college.

If students are lost in the job search process, they can come to the CCECC for help. The CCECC offers help with resume writing and can help students find internship opportunities. Senior Hannah Glass, who is majoring in psychology, has taken advantage of the help that the CCECC provides.

“I have gone to the CCECC to get someone to look over my resume,” Glass said. “They have been helpful when I have been searching for jobs.”

The CCECC isn’t the only on campus resource that seniors can use. Glass recommends reaching out to your professors and advisor for advice concerning careers and internships.

“I spoke to my advisor, Dr. Rosenberg for advice and he really helped me out,” Glass said. “I would recommend speaking with your advisor and your professors. They can lead you in the right direction.”

Searching for a job can be difficult and may seem like an impossible task. Taube emphasized that getting a job is not going to be a quick process, and that seniors should remain diligent in their job searching.

“I would say don’t get discouraged, taking a job might take some time. If you are having problems, I would say come to the CCECC and get some help.”