Dead Man’s Cell Phone


Tholoi Selli, Staff Writer

The show Dead Man’s Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl will be performed during a three day span from February 20th-22nd in Pritchett Auditorium. This particular play tells the relevant story of how the social aspect of our lives can have negative advantages and positive advantages.

This show can be very relatable to the typical lifestyle that we see in modern society today because of the rise of social media. There are three key characters in this story which include Jean, who is played by freshman theatre major Belle Nunley; Dwight, who is played by freshman theatre major Abraham Timm, and Gordon, who is played by junior theatre major Austin Seipp.

“A single cell phone can bring many people together but can also disrupt many other aspects of life. One single problem or action can always affect somebody else. It’s like a domino effect, when one falls another will fall and we don’t see that often,” Seipp said.

This play examines the question that we all wonder and try to figure out. Can society adapt to the norms of typical social life or will that be the cause of deceleration in human communication. The show is directed by Jackie Finney, Averett professor of theatre, who is known to give more freedom to his actors and actresses to assess the show as they see fit and act accordingly.

“This show is unique in its balance of realism and absurdism. Throughout the show people may find themselves relating to its events while seconds later asking how this is happening. It’s a ride, a comedic, dark, transporting ride,” Nunley said. The twists and turns of this play are surely to keep an audience at the edge of their seats while also realizing how much of an influence these social structures have on our lives.

One of the things people should focus on is the individual message that it sends out. Audience members might not examine the play the same way and that is what makes the play even more interesting as it tries to give people a different perspective.

“I expect people will be a little bit confused but hopefully they will continue to think about it after they see it and form their own interpretations,” Timm said.

This show will open up the audience’s thoughts as they will be able to see the conflict between the truth and an unorthodox reality. With the camaraderie of the cast as well as the production crew, this is looking to be a highly anticipated show for the spring semester.