Why Getting a Graduate Degree Could Help You

Delaney Sullivan, Staff Writer

As the fall semester comes to an end, seniors look forward to graduation and possible jobs and some look into graduate school. Graduate school is post-undergraduate schooling, either for a master’s or doctorate degree. 

 “Graduate school offers the opportunity to gain greater earning power, advance a career, enhance education, and dive deep into research opportunities,” Angie McAdams, director of career development, said.

Applying for graduate school varies based on what school someone applies to. Some colleges require prospective students to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), or an entrance exam, as well as completing an interview process amongst other things. Other colleges may only require an application. Averett University’s Graduate and Professional Studies program requires prospective students to submit an application, a current resume, and three letters of recommendation. 

Marietta Sanford, the director of graduate and professional studies academic services said, “Graduate school requires students to practice effective critical thinking and a deeper analysis process, thereby honing their skills in these areas.”

More and more undergraduate degrees are being awarded each year so putting in the dedication and work to receive a graduate is now needed more than ever. 

“A graduate degree is needed to set a student apart in the job market and make a student more competitive for limited positions and higher salaries,” Sanford said. “There is a certain sense of pride and self-satisfaction in earning an advanced degree. It takes dedication, time management and commitment to successfully achieve a graduate degree. Employers know this and look for those qualities when hiring for positions.” 

To see a full list of the graduate programs offered at Averett, visit the link below. https://www.averett.edu/academics/majors-and-programs/graduate/