Getting to Know Danville’s Local Bike Shop: Bicycle Medi

BK Stancil, Staff Writer

For those looking for a bike shop in Danville, there is a good option on Riverside Drive. Bicycle Medic, located in the Riverview Plaza shopping center, has been providing its services to the Danville area for nearly a decade. Owner and bike tech, Robert Collie, purchased the shop from its original owner three years ago and has been carrying on its slogan of “Affordable healthcare for your bike!” ever since.

  “I think I’ve helped people to get out on bikes, because they know they have someone local to help support them. They don’t have to drive an hour or hour and a half out of town,” Collie said.

 Bicycle Medic is an authorized dealer of Cannondale bikes and carries many of their latest road and mountain bikes on its show floor. Along with bike sales, Collie is a skilled bike tech and will repair most anything that enters the shop.

“I’ll service any bikes, any brand. I’ve worked on anything down to trikes and three wheeled bikes,” Collie said.

Collie also carries out warranty repairs for Cannondale, GT, and Transition brand bikes. The shop has racks for nearly 20 bikes in its repair area, and they are almost always occupied. 

In addition to owning and running Bicycle Medic, Collie has a passion for riding and racing. Over his 15 years riding bikes, Collie has participated in almost every discipline the sport has to offer, including downhill, enduro, cross country, and cyclocross racing. 

“I like doing cyclocross racing. That’s probably the most fun. It’s just wide open for thirty to forty-five minutes at the highest heart rate and highest intensity,” Collie said. 

While the the large shelf of trophies lining one side of Collie’s shop can be intimidating to some, he encourages anyone and everyone to get into the sport. 

“Just get on a bike and get out there. Most people once they get out there and they try it once, they get hooked,” Collie said. 

Biking is one of the few sports that can truly be enjoyed on one’s own. It offers an escape from the outside world and makes for great exercise at the same time. 

“It’s peaceful and relaxing to get out there and clear your head, especially with mountain biking. You get to get away from everything and just enjoy the wilderness,” Collie said. 

Take a trip down to Bicycle Medic and see for yourself, who knows, you might be the next one in Danville to get hooked on riding bikes.