Last-minute assignments can overwhelm students

Delaney Sullivan

As the semester comes to an end entire college campuses are eager for several weeks off, enjoying the holidays and seeing family and friends. While the semester is winding down, students feel as though assignments can begin to pile up. 

Some students say that professors push last-minute assignments on them toward the end of the semester. Others notice that professors push back deadlines and they align with other assignments so that the work isn’t evenly spaced out. 

Caitlin Towler, a freshman at Averett, says that at this time of year assignments “cause [her] to stay up late trying to finish those last-minute assignments and pushed back ones on top of others.” Towler continued, “I dread opening those notifications from Canvas. This time of year is definitely stressful.” 

This time of year is stressful enough with final exams, figuring out travel plans, and leaving school. Piling assignments is avoidable if professors stick to deadlines and follow guidelines that they set at the beginning of the semester.

In order to try to combat this, Zachary Humpries, an instructor of communication at Averett, says, “I try to space things out. I’ve always used the syllabus as the contract. I don’t want to breach that contract nor do I want the student to breach that contract.” 

To the students that find themselves extra stressed during this time of year, you’re not alone. Just remember, the semester is almost over and soon there will be three weeks of no assignments or deadlines.