Averett Celebrates Christmas


Evan Phillips, Staff Writer

Averett celebrates Christmas in many different ways, but perhaps one of the largest is the Averett Celebrates Christmas concert which takes place in Pritchett Auditorium at 7:00 pm on Thursday December 5th, and it involves a lot of people.

“The Averett concert band will be playing. The Averett singers will be singing. There will be parts where everybody can stand up and sing along together, and there is even one piece that has the chorus singing and the audience participating, so that one will be extra fun,” Janet Phillips, assistant professor of music and Averett band director, said. “The band always has community members and Averett students, but only for this specific concert Averett alumni can come back and sing in Singers, so it will be former and current students.”

The program is supposed to be very fun and bring in the spirit of Christmas. There will be a lot of Christmas themed songs and just about anyone can have a lot of fun.

“We have lots of hymns and carols. You get a bunch of people together singing Christmas songs and listening to Christmas songs. The band is doing some really energetic stuff which I’m excited about,” Phillips said. “We are doing a medley of a whole bunch of Christmas carols and Christmas songs. Some people have made it part of their Christmas. A lot of people have said over time that the Averett Celebrates Christmas concert is the official start to their Christmas season.”

The Averett Celebrates Christmas concert has done very well in the past. Many people seem to enjoy it greatly every year. It brings everyone together in the celebration of Christmas and the winter season.

“My students in 103 have to write performance reviews, and every year I get performance reviews on that particular event, and they say that it made them excited for Christmas. It was their favorite thing they attended. They are in the Christmas spirit now; it reminded them of home,” Phillips said. “They say a lot of positive things about the event. We have a lot of students come to this one and a lot of community people, and faculty and staff. It’s like all the Averett family plus extended Averett family. It’s probably our most well attended event every year as far as music events.”

Averett Celebrates Christmas is an exciting time, and the concert can make a great start to anyone’s holiday season.