New Club Looks to Bring New Advancements to Averett


“The official Residence Hall Association logo designed by the club members.”

Grayson Eaton, Writer

A new club is in the works and in operation at Averett. Last spring, the Residence Hall Association was formed to make a “notable difference” to the exterior beauty at the university.

According to Cameryn Carelock, a junior and president of the Residence Hall Association, the club walked the entire campus in April searching for blue lights that were in need of repair or attention.

“It’s really an honor to have the opportunity to give back to your school in this way,” senior Amber Fuller, a club member, said. “It’s always good to be of service no matter the occasion or situation.”

And, the club has even more in store for this semester. According to Carelock, the club is in the process of purchasing a new filtered water fountain for Fugate Hall.

“Fugate has been in need for major renovations for a while now,” Carelock said. “The filtered water fountain will be a great amenity for the hall.”

The club is also planning to give back in a different way than normal by participating in the annual Angel Tree Celebration held at north campus each December.

“Angel tree is a blessing for children in need,” Mariely Mesa, a junior and a club member, said. “The children are always so happy after receiving the many Christmas gifts that are donated.”

If you’re interested in joining the Residence Hall Association, President Carelock encourages every student to contact them via @averettrha on Instagram or Twitter.

“This club gives students a voice to turn their wishes into an action,” Carelock said.