Students, Faculty, and Staff Volunteer during Day to Engage


Students participate in Day to Engage at Wesmoreland Neighborhood in Danville, Va. Photo Courtesy of the CCECC.

Delaney Sullivan, Staff Writer

Monday, October 21 was Averett University’s biannual Day to Engage. On this day, Averett works with community partners and work with them in areas they need. Students, faculty, and staff volunteer in the Danville Community. Day to Engage has been on campus since 2014. 

People from Averett do things such as landscaping and beautification, renovations and construction, 5K events, working with food banks, tutoring, and many many more. As well as engaging faculty, staff, and students, Averett partners with Danville Community College and Piedmont Community College. 

While students are encouraged to get involved and volunteer every day, Day to Engage is an entire day devoted to giving back to a community organization. This day allows Averett to focus on one organization when they have such a large number of volunteers. 

 “Our Days to Engage are meant to bridge student, faculty, and staff out of the classroom and into the community to provide needed service to our local partners but also to provide students with the opportunity to utilize their skill,” Billy Wooten, executive director of the Center for Community Engagement and Career Competitiveness, said.

Wooten said that these are the goals of Day to Engage: “We are all part of a broader community that has needs and recognizing that we can help those needs, providing students with resources and opportunities to utilize their skills to help our local communities, and show our local communities that we care and want to be partners with them in making our Dan River Region be the best it can be.”