Averett Bonners Travel from Danville to Danville


L to R: Cheyenne Espinosa, Delaney Sullivan, and Jasmin Tinnis at Centre College in Danville, Ky.

Delaney Sullivan, Staff Writer

Recently, three Averett Bonner Leaders travelled to a new Danville – Danville, Ky. While at Centre College for Bonner Congress 2019 they learned about many prevalent issues both on college campuses and around the world. 

Cheyenne Espinosa, Jasmin Tinnis, and Delaney Sullivan attended the weekend long event. The theme was “Social Justice at the Centre.” The weekend consisted of sessions that talked about a variety of subjects such as education, politics, social justice, and more. 

“My favorite part was being able to have deep conversations about social justice and getting to hear different views about it; thoughts that would typically not cross my mind,” sophomore Bonner Espinosa said. “I learned how I could be engaged in social justice through technology, which we need to be able to do because we live in an era of technology.” 

The students hope that they can bring some of the information they learned and apply it to Averett’s campus. 

“We [Danville, Va.] are very blind to the issues of social justice around us. By bringing this information to the millennial generation it’ll help us educate the community,” Espinosa said. 

“I loved learning about the cross cultural interaction and cultural differences from international students. Just getting a different perspective from people from another country and how their experience in the USA is different from their own country,” Tinnis, a junior, said. 

While they went to learn, they also made connections with Bonner Leaders from across the country. An educational and fun experience, the students are eager to put into action what they learned. 

 “I think what we learned can help Averett, they just have to be open minded,” Tinnis said.

One thing we did all learn on our trip is that there’s no place like our Danville and our Averett.