Professor Davidson’s Comicon Presentation

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Professor Davidson’s Comicon Presentation

Evan Phillips, Staff Writer

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On October 8th at 7 pm in the multipurpose room, Mathematics Professor Davidson will be doing a presentation on comic books, Comic Con, and how that has affected him.

“The focus is the effect that it has had on me and how it may also affect someone else in a similar situation,” Davidson said. “I will be talking about comic books themselves, and then I will branch out into going to comic conventions and how that has really affected my life in ways that I not necessarily would have expected.”

The presentation is for everyone. One doesn’t need to love comic books themselves to get something out of the presentation.

“I will be telling stories that I think anyone could relate to,” Davidson said. “The point of the presentation will be that comic books reflect life and life can be reflected by comic books as well. I think my goal for anyone that comes is to find something to grab onto.”

Another goal for the presentation is entertainment. It isn’t supposed to be a boring talk just explaining what comic books and cons can do for people.

“I want anyone to feel like they can come and they don’t have to have the specific interest. My goal is to be entertaining using things that are special to me,” Davidson said.

Comic books and cons can have a much greater impact than entertainment. On the surface, they might just seem to be made for entertainment alone, but a lot can be found and made through comic books and cons.

“It works on the entertainment level, but for me and for so many other people across the works it is on a level much deeper than that, but I think people who aren’t into it wouldn’t realize unless they talk to someone who is into it,” Davidson said. “Comics has affected everything down to this job and how I approach this job. Things that I learned by reading comics affect how I approach this job.”

The presentation can be a good experience for anyone whether they have a great love for comic books or if they don’t know much about them at all.