North Campus Construction to be Completed on Time


Delaney Sullivan

"The entrance to Averett University's North Campus is currently in the middle of a construction zone. The construction will widen the road, helping traffic flow.

Delaney Sullivan, Staff Writer

The construction on Mt. Cross Rd. in front of the entrance to Averett University’s North Campus will be completed on schedule, by the end of October, weather permitting. The construction has been going on since the fall of 2018.

The City of Danville and the Virginia Department of Transportation have been planning the construction for around four years. The road work is impacting Mt. Cross Rd. from Walmart to Danville City limits and may cause delays for students traveling to and from class. The once two-lane road will be four lanes with a turning lane in the center.

In the future, the construction will alleviate traffic congestion due to activities at North, such as game days. Until then, drivers need to be patient and attentive while travlling through the construction.

“Anything with progress is rough,” Buddy Rawley, vice president for institutional advancement, said. Rawley has been with the project since the beginning. He was on City Council when the construction was just a thought.

To help with the traffic that is produced by game days, Rawley says that police and Averett security will be helping direct traffic.

In addition to the lane change, the entrance to North Campus will be directly across from the convenience store, making an intersection.

Due to the movement of the entrance, changes needed to be made to the landscaping. There will be an electronic sign at the entrance to North Campus with a digital display on both sides, coming into Danville and leaving the city. Upcoming events, scores, and more information plans to be displayed on the screen.