Summertime Flying Gives Aviation Students A Chance to Get Ahead

Many students at Averett go home for the summer to work at a job or to enjoy their time off from school. Some might think that the campus is completely empty besides the staff, but there are a few students that choose to stay over the summer.

Students majoring in several different fields, including aviation, stay over the summer to complete courses and earn certifications.

“Not a large number of students decide to stay on campus during the summer so typically we would host a small variety of aviation, summer school and sometimes equestrian students on campus,” Jawoin Williams, assistant director of residence life, said. “Every year the number changes due to department needs and even unforeseen trends such as increased interest in summer school classes. Last year we had nearly 16 students rotate in and out of summer housing.”

Aviation students stay over the summer to earn certifications that would usually take a semester or more to complete. The certifications take hours of flying to complete and the chance of earning them over the summer opens up more time during the normal school year to take general education courses or aviation related courses.

Sophomore Caleb Wyatt stayed over the summer last year to work on getting his instrument rating and work on the ground portion of becoming a commercial pilot. An instrument rating requires many hours of flying, which Wyatt completed over the summer.

“The reason why I decided to stay over the summer was to earn my instrument rating and to start work on commercial ground,” Wyatt said. “I thought it would be good for me to go ahead and finish instrument up before the next semester.”

Freshman Zach Scholtz is planning on staying this summer to work on becoming a commercial pilot.

“I’m staying over the summer to work on commercial,” Scholtz said. “I think that it would be nice to get a head start for the Fall.”

Freshman Connor Tavenner is also planning to stay over the summer. He is going to finish up the requirements to get his private pilot’s license and start on his instrument rating.

“I am staying this summer knock out as much as I can,” Tavenner said. “It would be nice to be ahead of schedule.”

Staying over the summer has its cost benefits as well. The price of room and board over the summer is cheaper than it is during the regular school year. Williams says that the price of housing is considerably lower in the summer.

“Typically for students pursuing classes during the summer period the rate would be about $550 per summer session. Aviation students pay a reduced rate but at a higher frequency. This allows for them to stay on campus longer during the summer while working on course work at the airport,” Williams said. “Housing prices during the school year factors in meal plans and tiered residential living options on campus. Summer housing does not include meal plans or tiered options.”

There are multiple places that students are housed during the summer. Williams says that the housing changes every summer and that there are usually multiple places that are used for housing.

“Our decision is based around the summer projects schedule outlined by Averett’s facilities department,” Williams said. “Due to increased activity in the residence halls we will be using our specialty housing spaces to accommodate summer time residents. Some of the specialty areas will be our Mountain View Apartments, Robertson House and Averett Place House.”

The housing doesn’t matter to Tavenner. He is glad that he has the opportunity to stay during the summer.

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter where I stay, as long as I get the chance to stay, I’m alright,” Tavenner said.

Both Scholtz and Tavenner are looking forward to staying this summer. Scholtz has high hopes about staying.

“I can’t wait until summer. I think that I am going to have a good time,” Scholtz said.