Wild N’ Out at Averett


Tyler Chronicles and “Burpie” from MTV’s comedy show, Wild N’ Out, were guests on Averett’s campus to celebrate Spring Fling week.

Isaiah Grice

Averett University was lucky enough to have two guest stars from MTV’s comedy show, “Wild N’ Out” visit their campus on Saturday night. Wild N’ Out is a comedy show with a cast full of different celebrities and comedians. Throughout the seasons they have different guest stars who are considered the “host” of the show. The show also consists of different types of rap battles and fun games that are somewhat similar to comedic style games with props.

The two guest stars that were present from the show were Tyler Chronicles, and “Burpie” and they definitely put on an amazing show. They started off by making teams out of members of the audience to get the students involved as well as picking out  a girl out of the audience to be a “Wild N’ Out girl” for some of the games. After they got started with one of the original games played on the TV show called “Let me Holla”. Much laughter came from the audience as different recipients of each team came up with a pickup line for the Wild N’ Out girl.

Talkin’ Spit was the next game which consisted of a member from each team to sit in a chair with a mouthful of water while each team cracks jokes to try and get the members to spit the water out of their mouth. The goal is to keep the water in your mouth as long as possible. The two guest stars sat in the chairs and the students had to try to make them laugh.

Family Reunion concluded the night where the teams picked people from the audience and made rhymes making it seem like they were one of their family members. This made everyone get up on their feet and applaud the guest stars for putting on an amazing show to conclude the week of Spring Fling. The audience participated in a Meet and Greet as well with the two stars and were able to talk to them and take some pictures. Averett’s faculty, staff, and students were honored to have them especially because they mentioned that Averett University was one of the best performances they have put on and one of the best audiences they have performed for.

Spring fling ended the next day with the glow in the dark dodgeball tournament as well as the DJ party later that night.