Opinion: Why the Idea of the Wall Should Come Tumbling Down

Is it really worth $5.7 billion? What else could the United States spend this money on?

Ashley Thornton, Marketing/Social Media Director

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Photo by Yesica Uvina/U.S. Customs and Border Protection showing proposed wall prototypes.

President Donald Trump claimed from the beginning of his campaign that he has plans to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. This claim is part of President Trump’s promise to tighten border security and crack down on the illegal immigrants already in the United States. Even though President Trump is demanding $5.7 billion to build the wall, many experts predict that it will take upwards of $25 billion.

Yes, without a doubt border security is very important but is this wall President Trump claims will be built actually worth the $5.7 billion price tag that comes with it? Keep in mind that the $5.7 billion does not include funding to keep the proposed wall maintained. Are there not more important things that the government could spend $5.7 billion on? Keep in mind that border apprehensions have been on a downward trend since the mid-2000s.

America was founded on immigrants who fled their home country and came here in search of a way to build a better life. Our ancestors were given the chance to build a better life for themselves, so why do we make it nearly impossible for immigrants today to do so legally?

Most of the United States’ illegal immigrants didn’t have to risk their lives by illegally crossing the boarder. Forty percent of the 11 million undocumented immigrants arrived through the nation’s airports and seaports on a travel visa and have overstayed their visa.

So what should the government do with the $5.7 billion that would be used for the wall instead?

For starters, fixing the water crisis in Flint, Michigan could easily be done. With an estimated price tag of $55 million to fix Flint’s problem, $5.7 billion could fix the crisis over 100 times.

How about teachers ? You could hire 50,000 teachers for two years at a salary of $50,000. At $50,000 a year teachers would most likely no longer have to pick up part- time jobs just to make ends meet.

While on the topic of education, if $5.7 billion were given to schools through federal aid, imagine what an extra $5.7 billion could do for our nation’s schools that are run down, crowded, and under funded. Even if this funding was just for a year imagine the impact it could have on the future leaders of this nation.

Even if you spread the money out across several years just think about all the grants that could be fulfilled and created for education. Is the future of America not worth it?

Another amazing thing that our nation could do with $5.7 billion is building 67,050 homes and end homelessness for families in America. The average Habitat for Humanity house takes $85,000 to build.

In conclusion there are many dire things that America can and should spend $5.7 billion on instead of a wall that no doubt will eventually be torn down.