Dalrada: A Futuristic Partnership on Campus

Alex Driggs, Staff writer

Averett University has seized an opportunity to take off on a path of technological advancement on campus, an opportunity made possible by Dalrada Energy. This addition can aid students and parents in everyday college life, but more importantly it can one day change how we live.

Dalrada has a few projects for Averett’s campus already underway, but Averett’s partnership with Dalrada is just beginning and there’s no limit to the innovations that Dalrada can implement on campus in the future. Leaders of this project encourage students to give their ideas on how technology being introduced by Dalrada can be used to improve campus.

At the moment, Averett and Dalrada are working together to create a metaverse, using new digital twinning technology to make an online exact copy of campus, meaning parents would get to see a realistic image of where their student lives, walks to class or even hangs out on campus without actually being there. 

This metaverse that is being spoken of is a newly developed type of digital platform, being developed by Jose Arrieta. This metaverse takes everything that exists in the physical world and allows it to exist as an example exact replica in a digital world, creating more possibilities than we can even fathom this early on in the project.

“When I was in school a long time ago, there was no internet and now you are walking in here with your smartphone, a supercomputer in the palm of your hand. The internet has come very far from where it started and the Metaverse will further evolve it,” Averett’s Chief Entrepreneurship and Innovations officer John Vigouroux said.

A new currency system will also be added for students to use, called Averett tokens. To start off, a student will be paid stipends for helping Dalrada with projects, in the form of $1000 worth of Averett tokens, that can be used to buy certain goods around the community of Danville. The student will be required to share half the tokens with another person of their choice.

Dalrada is a powerful energy corporation that has world class technology that saves energy, reduces carbon footprint and overall, makes the world a better place. As of right now, Dalrada’s work on sustainability will save Averett up to 20% on energy costs, meaning more money to put toward improving the university. They will also replace windows and light bulbs, to be more energy efficient and they will even consider utilizing solar panels at Averett in the future. 

“The number one priority from the start was using Dalrada’s world class technology to make everything around us better. We get cleaner, more efficient energy while saving on energy costs,” Vigouroux said.