SAAC Pushes to Improve All Aspects of Averett

Alex Driggs, Staff writer

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, known as SAAC, allows college athletes to take part in leadership roles, and to help make improvements to campus and community. SAAC serves as the voice of the athletes, so that student-athletes can play a role in how things go down. Students can benefit from the opportunity to grow as people, make a difference in the community and add an attractive feature to their resume when searching for jobs.

“SAAC is where athletes from all teams at Averett come together and discuss many things that are going on. Students should care about SAAC, because they are being represented by

SAAC and if there is a change that needs to be made by the NCAA then SAAC can help make it happen,” said Austin Long, an Averett SAAC representative. 

But SAAC get involved with way more than just decisions with NCAA sports, they cover topics of all sorts. SAAC representatives want students to bring them ideas, so they can get to work on making it happen.

“We discuss important topics, goals, and fundraisers to help with everything. This includes not only athletics, but also dorms, dining hall, bathrooms, classes, or anything else that might need a little more attention. Not everything happens right away but when students come to us with ideas, we take them to the discussion to get started on change,” said Alex Logsdon, an Averett SAAC representative.

The SAAC program is big on making positive change, with food drives and involvement with various community service programs and events. The program has done well with Cans Across America, keeping the high donation numbers coming in this year, after winning the Cans Across the Conference crown in 2021. 

SAAC contributes plenty of good to the community, but according to Long, they are working on adding more things they can do to help the community of Danville.

“SAAC at Averett is doing very well right now and planning many things that have to do with helping the community of Danville.”

Growth of SAAC equates to growth of the school, community and opportunity for change. Anyone can support SAAC through donating to fundraisers and food drives. If enough people at Averett get on board with what SAAC strives for, Danville can truly become a better place and Averett can grow too.